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National Pipe Organ Register

The instrument in St. Paul's Sale was built by Jardine & Co of Manchester circa 1908 with tracker - pneumatic action, and rebuilt and converted to electro pneumatic action by George Sixsmith & co. in 1975.

It was always the desire of the church organist to have a detached console and enlarge the instrument by adding pedal reeds and a fourth manual, at the time of the rebuild in 1975 but as usual funds were not available and the extra space needed would have made the instrument a nightmare to maintain.

In 1996 funding was provided for the long desired additions but still not sufficient for the job to be done with pipes.

The additions have converted a average three manual organ into a highly versatile recital instrument with the pipeless sections nestling well within the main ensemble.

The pipeless additions provided in 1996 by ourselves at that point in time made this instrument the largest Hybrid out side the USA

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