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Pipeless Organs Oak Furniture

Pipes or pipeless? or why not the best of both?
After a disastrous fire and the rebuilding work on the church had been completed a very limited amount of money was left to provide a new organ.

The instrument at St. John's Hey was produced to fit a budget that was inadequate for an all new pipe organ but more than ample for a pipeless instrument.

Wanting to achieve the best results for the money available a compromise was decided upon and a pipe hybrid was installed with all new Oak casework and brand new flue pipes, complete with an all new ultra low compact detached console with user programmable piston capture system and midi record and playback facility.

This has produced an excellent result and still leaves the church with the option of adding extra pipework to the instrument when and if funds are available and if the church feel that the need to do so exists.

The organ was installers in 1994 and is still as originally built as it has been found to be more that amply adequate for all the churches requirements.?

In addition to building the organ we provided all the timber chairs, made the new Oak gallery casework and the removable solid Oak stall risers.

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